Family Series

Fat Tire Electric Bikes Designed for All

Cross Series

RockShox Four-Link Rear Suspension System
CYKE Electric Bikes

CYKE Bikes

CYKE Bikes



Sleek Design

Carefully designed with sleek frames and an impressive look.

World-Class Tech

Includes unique and advanced technology that makes it stand out.

Lifetime Warranty

Comes with a reliable warranty to guarantee long-lasting usage.

Customer First

Offers customer-centric, friendly and helpful customer service.

CYKE Bikes Lifetime Warranty

limited warranty

Guaranteed for life

For all CYKE Bike owners, CYKE adopts a limited lifetime warranty policy. We offer a lifetime warranty for the frame, and two years of warranty for the parts.

"Get Back on the Road Faster! Faults Identified in 2 Business Days, Repairs Done in 7 Business Days."