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About CYKE

Redefine Your Luxury Cycling.
Our Mission

Connecting Communities through Everyday Cycling.

We foster a sense of community through the joy of cycling, by producing innovative electric bikes that encourage social interaction and active living, and create memorable shared experiences while protecting the earth through our everyday path.

Why Choose CYKE

15+ Years of Expertise

With over 15 years of experience, CYKE stands as a pioneer in e-bike innovation and quality, consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

100,000-Mile Test

Each of our bikes undergoes rigorous testing, with a comprehensive 100,000-mile test to ensure unmatched durability and performance.

IATF 16949 Certificate

CYKE is proud to be certified by IATF 16949, reflecting our automotive-grade manufacturing capabilities and high quality standards.

CYKE Fat Tire eBike

"We carefully consider how to drive technology to lifestyle."

At CYKE, each electric bike is a testament to years of dedicated engineering and thoughtful design. Our commitment to innovation is evident in every aspect: from automated production and rigorous testing to streamlined designs, ensuring every ride is powered by both technology and passion for excellence.

CYKE Electric Bike

"We are a global team to revolutionize your journey."

We are an international team eager to do cool things together. By combining the strengths of our Chinese manufacturing with North American R&D, we create e-bikes that known no borders. With our widespread dealer network and dedicated after-sales team across the US, we ensure that every rider’s experience is exceptional.

CYKE Electric Bike

"We Promise an After-Sale Service Like No Other."

At CYKE, we always put cutomers first. From troubleshooting technical issues to providing guidance on usage and maintenance, our expert team is here to assist you every step of the way. With a commitment to swift resolution, we promise to thoroughly address the issue promptly, ensuring a turnaround time of no more than seven days for the entire process.

Precision in Every Detail

Every CYKE eBike is a masterpiece of design precision, from sleek, seamless frames to intricate detailing. Our proprietary welding technique ensures flawless lines, transforming each bike into not just a high-performance tool but a piece of art. Delve into the minutiae of every component, both seen and unseen, and experience the seamless integration that enhances your ride.

Pioneering Technology for Tomorrow

CYKE sets new industry benchmarks with groundbreaking technologies that redefine what eBikes can be:

✓ CYKE CYPEDAL System: Our advanced Pedal Assist System features a replaceable lithium battery, a smart pedal sensor, and our proprietary power control algorithm, offering over 100 miles of cruising range.

✓ CYKE CYSYS Tech: Integrated software services provide fault diagnosis and vehicle management via our user-friendly app, supported by automotive-grade CAN bus technology for robust system communication.

✓ CYKE HYLICRAFT Tech: Our specialized Hydraulic Frame Manufacturing Technology crafts high-strength, aerodynamically optimized frames.

✓ CYKE CYSUS Frame: The innovative CYSUS multi-link suspension frame delivers the perfect balance of shock absorption and precise control.

Lifetime Commitment to Quality

We stand behind our eBikes with an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction:

✓ Unmatched Warranty Support: With service centers and dealers across North America, help is always nearby, ensuring your CYKE remains in peak condition.

✓ Inclusive Warranty Terms: Our warranty extends to all owners of the eBike—second, third, or beyond—ensuring that every CYKE rider experiences the same exceptional quality and service.

Customer First: Every Step of the Way

At CYKE, we prioritize you—always. Our approach is customer-centric, from personalized services to proactive support, ensuring every interaction meets your highest expectations:

✓ Warmth: Our customer service team goes beyond expertise; they are empathetic and approachable, making every interaction reassuring and enjoyable.

✓ Trust: We earn your trust through transparent communication and consistent delivery on our promises, fostering enduring relationships built on mutual respect.

✓ Focus on Your Needs: We continuously adapt our policies and services based on your feedback, striving to exceed your expectations with flexible terms and tailored experiences.