About CYKE

CYKE is an innovative electric bike brand that focuses on meeting the demands of modern commuting, outdoor sports, and adventure. CYKE is dedicated to designing reliable, high-quality two-wheeled transportation options for American consumers while providing an exceptional user experience. Join CYKE and embrace a joyful and active lifestyle, become part of the sustainable movement, and unleash the freedom of two wheels! No more worries about expensive parking fees and boring traffic congestion.

Focus on product quality:
CYKE ebikes are designed and manufactured to ensure that each ebike possesses excellent quality and reliability. We optimize the motor and controller to achieve the best riding experience and motor response. We use automotive-grade CAN bus communication systems and upgraded 21700 LG battery cells. These enable CYKE ebikes to have superior range, ride stability, and safety compared to other brands in the same price range.

Innovative all-terrain electric bikes designed for American consumers:
CYKE is focused on designing innovative all-terrain electric bikes specifically for American consumers to meet various riding needs in different terrains and environments. Whether it's on city streets, suburban paths, or mountain adventures, CYKE delivers outstanding performance and adaptability, making riding more enjoyable and free, without compromising on performance or quality. The CYKE bikes come equipped with the CYKE smart app, allowing you to effortlessly control the battery, hardware and riding data through the smart App. By choosing CYKE ebikes, you can ride with confidence because you're purchasing the most valuable electric bike available in the market.

Measuring success by customer experience:
CYKE places user experience at the core. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide exceptional customer service. Our goal is to ensure that every customer experiences a perfect electric bike ride and enjoys reasonably priced products and outstanding customer support. Our customer support team members are passionate about both customers and electric bikes. We provide rich support materials, one-on-one online technical support, and nationwide offline service centers to help customers maintain their electric bikes in optimal condition. What’s more, CYKE offers an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty, ensuring you have no worries.

By choosing CYKE electric bikes, you'll get a perfect combination of reliability, innovation, and user-friendliness. We believe that by offering high-quality electric bikes, we can improve the way American consumers commute and engage in outdoor activities, making it easy, fast, and enjoyable. At the same time, for cities, we hope to see vibrant streets, improved air quality, and contribute to community's true sustainable development in environmental and social aspects.


  • The detachable 960Wh Lithium Battery provides a range of over 80 miles.
  • E-bikes are all equipped with a 750W high-power brushless motor with an 85N·m output torque.
  • Three PAS Modes are preset
  • Meet the class 3 standard with a maximum speed of 28mph


  • Achieve fault diagnosis, vehicle management, and other functions through App.
  • The automotive-grade CAN bus technique helps to achieve reliable overall communication.


  • Special-shaped Hydraulic Frame Manufacturing Technology to produce high-strength and streamlined body lines.