Embrace a New Way of Traveling with Folding Ebikes

Folding ebikes are the latest type of ebikes these days, and have become trendy and favorable for a lot of ebike lovers. Hence, if you are an electric bike enthusiast, you may consider getting to know this new trend before upgrading to it. One of their biggest features is that they can fold into compact forms to save you a lot of space and money in terms of storage. Therefore, if you are looking for more storage space in your garage, a folding ebike is the way to go.

Embrace a New Way of Traveling with Folding Ebikes

Nonetheless, if you are new to ebikes, you might wonder if a folding ebike is right for you. While the answer to this question boils down to personal choices, below are a few things you need to know about folding ebikes.

What are Folding Ebikes?

The concept of folding bicycles may not be new to you. Since the design first hit the market in the 1890s, many people are already familiar with it. However, with several modifications to the original design, the design has evolved to a trendy design, equipped with varied functions and power sources. In this case, folding ebikes have become a powerful and popular means of transportation nowadays. 

Today, ebikes have solid motors and high-performance batteries to help you cover more distance with less sweat. It is an effective way to navigate all kinds of terrain in less time. Come to think of it, avoiding the heavy morning traffic is easy with a foldable ebike.

Many urban dwellers love folding ebikes because they are affordable and energy-efficient. It is also environmentally friendly and has several health benefits. In addition, its folding ability makes it easier to carry your bike when hopping on a train or having a small storage space available. Below are the reasons why you should consider a folding ebike.

Why You Should Embrace the New Folding Ebikes

  1. Portability for Easy Transportation in Traveling.

Most folding ebikes can fold into half of their original size. So, it is easier to store if you don't have a sizable storage space. In addition, the foldable design also allows you to carry them when you're not riding. Even if the need arises for a train ride, you can easily fold your electric bike and hop on the train.

  1. Affordable and Durable

Other means of transport may come at an exorbitant price and will cost even more over time from the cost of maintenance, diesel, and routine services, while electric bikes come at a very affordable rate. Besides, you will never have to spend extra on refueling. Many ebikes, like the ones from CYKE Bikes come with high-quality batteries that last up to a minimum of five years. Therefore, it can provide you with long years of savings and hassle-free rides.

  1. Convenient - Traffic is no longer a problem

One huge advantage of the ebike is its ability to navigate many types of terrain and path and fit into tight spaces that cars can’t fit into. Hence, you have access to shorter routes that other means of transportation can’t reach. When necessary, fold your ebike and tag along on foot, like when you are about to be late. Either way, it's a win-win situation for you. By the way, always ensure you adhere to road traffic rules and wear a safety helmet.  With a folding ebike and necessary safety equipment, you could use it on the delivery, commute, or even outdoor explorations.

  1. Promotes a Healthy Environment and Improves Health

One of the greatest dangers to our environment today is air pollution. Hence, many people are striving towards a greener and safer way for their daily activities. Investing in folding ebikes is also a way of contributing to saving the environment in no small measure. Electric bikes do not emit harmful substances into the air, which makes the environment healthier and safer to live in. Today, more hands are on deck to produce safer and more environmentally friendly means of transportation. However, for now, ebikes remain one of the most affordable means of transportation.

Can’t wait to own one by yourself? Don’t hurry, before setting up your ideal electric bike, below are a few factors to consider.

Considerations for Selecting the Right Folding Ebike

  • Checking the Battery and Range

The battery range will determine how far your bike will go before another recharge. Therefore, it is essential to go for ebikes with high-quality and long-capacity batteries. In this case, GRIZZLY is an excellent example of a folding ebike with high-performance batteries for an extended journey.  

  • Evaluating Motor Power

The electric system is an essential component of an electric folding bike. It determines how much ride power you can generate. The motor power of your bike will determine your top speed. There are different motor types for various kinds of terrain. With the aid of powerful electric motors, a folding ebike can generate up to 85Nm torque, reaching a class 3 top speed.  Hence, consider the terrain when evaluating your motor.   

  • Considering Frame and Size

Folding sizes may differ according to brand. Therefore, ensure the folding size fits your storage space and supports your weight and height before making a payment. 

  • Assessing Frame and Folding Mechanism Durability

The folding mechanism of your electric bike is as important as your frame. Therefore, ensure the folding system is durable, firm, and not shaky.  

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining your folding electric bike is essential for maintaining optimal performance. As a result of the various electrical components of your folding electric bike, it needs special attention and care. Below are a few things you can do to ensure your folding ebike is in good condition. 

Regular Maintenance Routines

Regular maintenance includes checking the parts more subject to wear and tear, like the drivetrain, tires, and chain. Ensure you lubricate the mechanical part of your electric bike and replace worn-out parts. Check your brakes to ensure they are working effectively. 

Battery Management and Charging Best Practices

Proper management and charging of your ebike battery will help maintain its lifespan. Here are some charging best practices that can help prolong your battery life. 

  • Charge your battery after every ride. Do not allow your battery to go below 20% to maintain overall health. Also, don't deplete your battery to 0% before recharging, as it can damage your battery. 
  • Use the original recommended charger for your ebike. Avoid using third-party chargers. This can lead to compatibility issues or cause fire hazards. 
  • Avoid overcharging your battery. While charging your battery after every ride is essential, leaving it plugged in for an extended period after fully charging is not advisable. 

Cleaning and Storage Tips for Folding Ebikes

Clean your folding ebike regularly after every use. Many electric bikes are water-resistant and can withstand heavy splashes of water. However, also avoid using high-pressure water when washing your ebike. 

It is best to clean your electric bike with water from a bucket or a wet rag if you don't have a low-pressure hose. Also, remove dust and other debris from your charging port before washing. In addition, always ensure your charging port is closed before washing. 

Avoid washing or cleaning your ebike while it's charging. Also, turn off the engine before washing. After washing, ensure you dry off the unit with a clean rag. Invest in specific ebike cleaners to keep your folding ebike clean. 

GRIZZLY-Anywhere and Anytime

CYKE BIKES is one of the best brands that provide long-range ebikes. GRIZZLY includes a BAFANG SUTTO 750W brushless rear hub motor for more power supply and a better ride experience. Also, GRIZZLY comes with a high-quality lithium battery that can go up to 80 miles on a single charge. The solid aluminum alloy framework supports up to 330 lbs and an enhanced fold lock system ensures durability. For a more customized ride experience, you can even select from pedal assist modes according to your needs. To sum up, GRIZZY provides optimal performance, no matter the terrain. 


The long and short is that electric bikes have come to stay. With the folding ebike as the latest addition to the collection, it's easier to store your bike after a ride. When it comes to folding electric bikes, GRIZZLY folding electric bike from CYKE is an outstanding choice that you should consider. After all, CYKE provides various models that come with highly durable batteries and powerful motors to ensure you enjoy a hassle-free ride.